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  • Gabrielle Rose

Fleetwood Farm Winery Wedding Dinner

So many couples who couldn't have a wedding at the height of the pandemic are finally getting their chance to celebrate with loved ones! Mandy and Matt hosted an intimate anniversary wine tasting and dinner at Fleetwood Farm Winery in Leesburg, Virginia. Using long banquet-style tables, Mandy and Matt created a family atmosphere for their guests. While round tables are fairly standard for receptions, the banquet tables allowed guests to sit closer and enjoy each other's company.

Mandy and Matt had given their guests a dress code, which included florals and other garden-inspired patterns. I love this idea from a photography perspective because it helped their photos look very cohesive!

The staff at Fleetwood Farm Winery had everything down to a science. With five courses and five wines to try, the staff switched out plates and filled glasses with absolute precision. If you're looking for a venue for your wedding or reception, I highly recommend Fleetwood Farm! I also think that these intimate parties are a great alternative to traditional receptions, especially if, like Mandy and Matt, you're already married and want to finally celebrate!

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