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Oxbow Estate Wedding Editorial | Oxbow Estate Wedding | North Carolina Wedding Photographer

I will happily drive the 3.5 hours it takes to get to Raleigh just to photograph the Oxbow Estate again. This stunning new wedding venue nestled near Raleigh, North Carolina transports you to another time and place. If you're looking for a European-style wedding venue that doesn't require a passport, you need to check out the Oxbow Estate.

As I near the end of the 2023 wedding season, I love taking time to work on creative projects. This Oxbow Estate wedding editorial certainly left me feeling refreshed and ready to take on the last few weeks of 2023!

The Oxbow Estate is completely private, situated on a vast property with a number of guest houses for couples and their wedding parties. But the real draw of this venue for light and airy photographers like me is the abundance of natural light. The rooms have floor to ceiling French doors and windows that let in more than enough light for its spacious rooms.

My favorite aspect of the Oxbow Estate has to be the way the sun sets around it. The golden hour light is just magical, and I dream of a day when I can return with an amazing couple to photograph their wedding there!

I hope you enjoy these moments from this Oxbow Estate wedding editorial this fall. And if you do decide to get married know where to reach me!


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